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Ethiopian Opal Rings
Many people are unaware of Ethiopia as a producer of fine grade Opals however Ethiopian crystal Opals are amongst the finest grade Opals you  will ever see and can rival even the finest Australian Opal for color and quality.
1.35 Carat Fire Opal Earrings 1.63 Carat Black Opal Earrings in 14k Gold 1.86 Carat Fire Opal Earrings 1.92 Carat Opal Heart Pendant
Large White Opal Ring 18k Gold Ethiopian Opal Earrings 18k Gold Opal Cluster Necklace 2 Carat Orange Opal Ring
2.71 Carat Opal Heart Pendant 3 Strand Opal, Apatite and Pearl Bracelet 3.20 Carat Opal Earrings 3.66 Carat Opal Earrings
Blue Opal, Ethiopian Opal and Turquoise Cluster Necklace Branch Coral, Opal and Lemon Quartz Necklace Chocolate Opal Pendant Crystal Opal Cluster Necklace
Ethiopian Fire Opal Bracelet Ethiopian Opal and Pearl Drop Necklace Ethiopian Opal and Silver Disc Bracelet Ethiopian Opal Beaded Necklace
Ethiopian Opal Bracelet in Silver Ethiopian Opal Briolette Earrings Ethiopian Opal Cluster Necklace Ethiopian Opal Cluster Ring

Ethiopian Opal Jewelry

With crystal clear, blue of fiery orange base tones and extremely bright color play throughout each gem, an Ethiopian Opal is a very stunning gem.

The amazing color play seen in an Ethiopian Opal can't be captured in a static image and the gems need to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. We guarantee that you will be delighted with your Ethiopian Opal jewelry and it will have lots more color flashes in person than in our images.

Chocolate Opal Jewelry

A new type of Opal called Chocolate Opal was discovered in Ethiopia in the early 1990’s, named as such due to its rich chocolate brown body color. These chocolate Opals are a variety of Ethiopian fire Opal and are known for their intense internal color flashes, with red being the most common color found in these gems, often a chocolate Opal with intense red will be referred to as a chocolate cherry Opal.

Welo Opal Jewelry

Since the discovery of Ethiopian fire Opals, a new variety of Ethiopian Opal has also been discovered. These newly discovered Ethiopian Opals are called Gondar Opals or Welo Opals after the area in which they are mined. Welo Opals are extremely fine grade crystal Opals with very intense internal color play within a very transparent gem. Welo Opals can range in color from crystal clear colorless gems (with color flashes) through to orange Opals similar to Mexican fire Opals, through to black crystal Opals which would rate at N1 on the body tone scale.

Snakeskin & Honeycomb Pattern Opals

An extremely rare variety of Ethiopian Opal is a Welo Opal with a natural honeycomb or snakeskin pattern. A honeycomb Opal has a honeycomb pattern across its surface, usually this honeycomb frame will be free of color flashes and will be in one color tone, with distinct cells of color inside this honeycomb frame. Each of these color cells may be the same color, or, the Opal may have several colors each in its own cell. These honeycomb patterned Opals are true investment pieces, if you are ever lucky enough to find one for sale!