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Our exclusive collection includes rings handcrafted with every Opal  variety, not just Australian Opals. We specialize in one of a kind Opal rings and we actively source rare, unusual, collectible, investment and  unique Opals for use in our one off designs.
1.8 Carat Boulder Opal Ring 2 Carat Orange Opal Ring 2.65 Carat Opal Ring Black Opal Ring
Black Opal Ring
Blue Opal Ring Boulder Opal Ring Cantera Opal Ring Crystal Opal Ring
Blue Opal Ring
Boulder Opal Ring
Cantera Opal Ring
Crystal Opal Ring
Ethiopian Opal Cluster Ring Fire Opal Ring Freeform Crystal Opal Ring in Silver Large Black Opal Ring
Fire Opal Ring
Large Ethiopian Crystal Opal Ring Orange Fire Opal Ring Pinfire Crystal Opal Ring Round Ethiopian Opal Ring

Opal Rings

When you buy an Opal ring online you will find that there are a huge number of Opal ring designs available in both traditional and modern styles.

There are a vast array of Opal types and colors, all ideal for use in genuine Opal rings however the majority of Opal rings sold by Opal jewellers are handmade with Australian Opals as these are the most commonly known Opal variety.

Every Opal ring in our exclusive collection is guaranteed to be one of a kind, allowing the wearer to have a piece of jewelry as individual as they are.

Solid Opal Rings

Opal rings can be handmade with solid Opals or composite gems known as ‘triplets’ or ‘doublets’. A triplet is a thin slice of Opal which is sandwiched between a slice of darker gemstone such as Onyx to enhance the color flashes of the gem and a slice of clear gemstone such as crystal to increase the perceived size of the gem. A doublet is a slice of Opal set against a darker gemstone such as Onyx or often Boulder opal. When a doublet is created with Boulder Opal, the gem is comprised of 100% genuine Opal however is not considered a solid Opal. We only use solid Opals and Doublet Opals in our genuine Opal rings. Every doublet Opal ring is clearly described as such in its description.

White Opal Rings

Australian white Opal is the most popular choice for an Opal ring and is the most popular variety of white Opal. Australian white Opal typically has an opaque white base tone which can vary in color from pure white through to pale yellow, with typically very bright color flashes throughout the gem in every color of the rainbow. Australian white Opal rings can be handmade with a variety of white Opal grades making it possible to make a white Opal ring for almost any budget.

Brazilian Opal rings

Brazilian crystal Opal looks absolutely stunning when set into a ring and it is one of the brightest varieties of crystal Opal available. Brazilian crystal Opal often displays every color of the rainbow and can be found in unique striped patterns as well as bright skin to skin color displays (color from every angle of the gem) with 5/5 color grading.

Mexican Opal Rings

There are two varieties of Mexican Opal, both of which are ideal for use in a Mexican Opal ring.

Mexican Fire Opal Rings

Mexican Fire Opal is a transparent crystal opal variety which can be found in pale tones from white through to yellow and brighter tones of orange and red, all with bright color flashes throughout the Opal. These color flashes are known as Contra Luz colors and the more color flashes a Mexican Opal has, the greater its value.

Peruvian Opal Rings

Peruvian Opal, also known as Andean Opal can be found in shades of blue or pink.

Peruvian Blue Opal Rings

Blue Peruvian Opal is found in tones of pale Aqua through to deep rich teal shades and can be found with black dendritic inclusions. Peruvian blue Opal without inclusions or natural flaws is a very rare find and so it is acceptable and tolerated to have blue opals with natural inclusions.

Pink Opal Rings

Natural pink Opal is found in delicate tones of pale dusky pink and often has black dendritic inclusions. Pink Opal can be found without inclusions in larger sizes and so is perfect for large Opal rings.